Wild Creatures

Last summer my wife, a friend and I went on a short trip to the National Park Hohe Tauern to photograph marmots
and other nature related things. It was our first journey to this area and we didn't know how it would turn out.

Early the next morning we went to the Franz-Josef House to observe the area. After a while we found some marmot holes
and we mounted our tripods and big lenses and we waited for the marmots.
After a while the marmots started to wake up and come out of their holes. We did not want to disturb them too much
so we crawled very slowly with all our equipment closer to the marmots. Everything worked well until my wife unpacked some chocolate
and started to eat it (she was sitting a few meters behind us). The marmots smelled it and started to get closer to her.
After a few hours it was obvious why the marmots in this area behaved like this.
Daily busloads of people who visit the place feed the poor creatures -

"Where do you think the marmots buy their chocolate? There is no shop up there!"

In the early afternoon a young couple arrived with a box full of old and moldy bread and poured it into the marmot holes.
It was too much for me. I collected all this garbage and threw it into the next dustbin.

So I ask myself and you:

What makes people think they have to come up all the way to feed the poor and hungry marmots?

Why are there no signs in the middle of the National Park that prohibit feeding the marmots?

Maybe the National Park and the people in this area are using these animals to lure people to the park?!
For sure the marmots are very happy for getting so much and healthy  food just every day.........